Where Do I Get A Loan To Purchase A Home?


[Guest post by Ron Richardson with USA Mortgage]

Where Do I Get A Loan To Purchase A Home? Within this question are often many other concerns.  Is my credit score good enough?  How much do I pay?  Who should I go to for a loan?  If I have temporary residency, will I be able to buy a home in the US?

Each of these are good, important questions to ask that require a trusted real estate agent and loan officer to answer.  So, what should you look for in a good real estate agent and loan officer? Both should have an understanding of the local market to best navigate the home and mortgage option for the home buyer.  A real estate agent and loan officer who have experience working together will aid in making the homebuying process smooth with clear, consistent communication.

Your real estate agent should be able to provide answers to each of these questions as you begin your home search.  As questions become more detailed, your real estate agent can begin to direct you to their reliable loan officer.  For example, questions regarding credit score ranges affecting what you qualify for, which type of temporary visas are allowed to qualify for a mortgage, or the impact your income and assets can have on your qualification(s).

Ultimately, it is the real estate agent and loan officer who really make the difference to answering this question.  Each home buyer has different background, income, etc. that lead to many scenarios that can change what you are able to qualify for.  The good news these two professionals will provide the guidance and answer the questions of their treasured clients😊

If you are thinking about buying a home now or in the future contact June Matoba (636-730-8132) and Ron Richardson. We are local to the great St Louis area and work together well. We would love to help!!

Ron Richardson (Mortgage Loan Originator)

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