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Student Loan and Homeownership

Curious about the impact of student loans on your path to homeownership? Or wondering how soon you can make that first home purchase after college graduation? This article gives you great insights you won't want to miss. Check it out and take one step closer to achieving your homeownership...

August market report

August Market Report for West St Louis

While August data showed a strong trend in West County, I’ve seen more and more “price adjustments” lately, especially for the homes above $500,000, in the areas west side of St Charles county and those who have been priced aggressively. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to know the market conditions specifically for the area of your interest and the price...

Just Sold!

Just Sold!

I'm more than thrilled that I was able to help this sweet couple from out of state find a lovely home and welcome them to St Louis! The housing inventory has been tight. The market was still competitive for what they were looking for. There were some moments we were tested for our patience. But we made it! I appreciate their trust in me and my business partners. I wish them very best with the beginning of...

Pro Women Today Episode 1: Buying Your First Home

https://youtu.be/mYvaysdHU-I Do you want to know where to start your home buying journey? How do you choose the right agent for you, especially when you're originally from overseas? Do we even need an agent to buy a house? Evelyn Delancer, the founder of WPWC, and I discussed all these topics plus more in this episode of Pro Women Today presented by WPWC. I hope you get to know myself and my work...

buyer's agent

Why do you need a buyer’s agent?

Many people who know how real estate transactions work in other parts of the world are not very familiar with the idea of hiring a buyer’s agent when they buy a house. After all, can they just call the listing agent directly, make an offer and negotiate by themselves? We can look up properties easily online and will be able to contact the listing agent. So, you may wonder why you would need a buyer’s...

January Market Report

January Market Report

January was rather a quiet slow month. However, we're seeing strong buyer interests in the last couple of weeks. Homes are receiving multiple offers, many of them adding $20,000-$45,000. If you're thinking about buying a house, please reach out to me. We need to prepare and strategize home buying plans so we can win in the spring/summer market that is most likely competitive...

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