Thinking about Buying Your First Home in the U.S?


Thinking about buying your first home in the U.S.? Congratulations! That’s a very important step toward your financial success and an exciting and hopefully a fun journey for you. Once you start thinking about your dream home, you may realize you have many many questions and you don’t even know who you can talk to in order to get reliable information. Your question could be; Do I qualify for a loan? I don’t have permanent residency but can I buy a house? How to choose a real estate agent/loan officer/insurance agent? What to look for when you go see a house? Which neighborhoods/city/town should I choose? etc.

Well, I’d love to help! I am going to write and compile a series of articles and resources to answer your burning questions so you can feel confident when you go through your home buying journey. Some of these resources are from my trusted partners who themselves are experts in their industries and excellent in client care. So you’re in good hands!

Please feel free to download our guides and information pieces. Let us know what questions you have so we know what you’d like to know. And of course, give me a call/text me at 636-730-8132 or email if you’d like to start the conversation. Look forward to talking with you soon.

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