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helping first time home buyers/sellers & renters, international clients and investors


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Real Estate Advisory

As the leading real estate agent in St Loius, I have a large amount of experience in the industry and I know how to find what you are looking for.

June Matoba


Community Building

I am involved in several groups that help people who moved to St Louis from all over the world. We organize seminars, mentorship, get-togethers so you can adapt to your new environment and enjoy living in St Louis.



I help owners to assess their needs, develop communication with their tenants, and find the right services for the property.


First Time Home Buyers/Sellers

Buying/Selling your home for the first time doesn't have to be daunting or complicated. I help navigate your real estate transactions as easy and fun as possible for you.


International Clients

Buying/Selling real estate can be different from where you are originally from. I'll guide you each step of the transaction so you'll feel comfortable buying/selling real estate in St Louis.


Customer Care

I love listening to people's needs and finding solutions. I value transparency. And I care. Many of my clients became my friends even after their transactions.


What clients are saying

"June does an amazing job taking care of her clients. June loves to help the international community as well as investment clients. I would highly recommend June for any of your real estate needs."

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Veronica S
"June is my go to Relator. She is very easy to work with and is always taking care of all parties involved in the transaction. She is also investor friendly, which is great for my line of work!"

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Joe B
"June has been very considerate and helpful in my first house hunting process! She has provided us with not only answers to we asked, but also info that we would not thought of asking otherwise. I appreciate her proactive approach to her clients! Thank you!"
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Hiroko Y

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