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Tips to Decorate Your Home with Color

Entering 2024, the trend is all about infusing color into your home, moving away from the dominance of all-white kitchens and gray paint in recent years. Here are some expert tips from interior designers on how to introduce vibrancy in your home: 1. Accentuate with Accessories: Elevate your space by introducing new throw pillows, books, or decorative objects to your coffee table or bookcase. Let the...

Residential Real Estate Outlook

2024 Residential Real Estate Outlook

As we approach 2024, predicting trends becomes particularly challenging due to varying forecasts from economists, likely influenced by uncertainties surrounding inflation and geopolitical issues. Despite this complexity, consensus suggests a relatively calm year for home buyers. Both home sales and prices are expected to experience minimal changes compared to 2023. The expanding rental market is...

August market report

August Market Report for West St Louis

While August data showed a strong trend in West County, I’ve seen more and more “price adjustments” lately, especially for the homes above $500,000, in the areas west side of St Charles county and those who have been priced aggressively. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to know the market conditions specifically for the area of your interest and the price...

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