Sip & Chat Minutes – Glennetta with Haymon Law Office


In this episode of Sip & Chat Minutes, we talked with Glennetta Haymon with Haymon Law Office, right here in St Charles. We talked about the importance of estate planning to protect possibly your most expensive purchase/property, how she got into law, and how it’s like to work as a woman in an industry where the majority of the professionals are male. I’m sure this episode is both informational and inspirational.

With that said, Sip & Chat minutes is going through a lot of exciting changes at the moment including re-branding, re-focusing and re-structuring. Stay tuned for even more charged up upcoming episodes with Dolo, Claudia and myself!

Hosted by June Matoba, Dolo Brewer, the Seny Collection Edited by Claudia Cansaya, Claudia Marin Photography

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