Happy Valentine’s Day: Sugar Scrub Recipe


On this Valentine’s Day, a great friend of mine, Michael with Exactly Zero, kindly shared this sugar scrub recipe with us. Exactly Zero makes clean products that actually work for your body and for your home. I’m a fan of their laundry detergent and Breathe Easy Rub. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Guest Post By Michael Fritzius, Exactly Zero

Ladies, if you’re looking for a great way to exfoliate on a budget, or get a nice smooth shave on Leg Day, you can make your very own Sugar Scrub! And the ingredients are widely available if you don’t have them already.

Mix: 2 cups sugar with 1 cup Coconut Oil.

Then add 15-20 drops of Essential Oil of your choice (see below for suggestions)

Finally, mix in 1/4 to 3/4 tsp of natural colorant (see below for suggestions)

The essential oils that go into Sugar Scrub can further help your skin, along with leaving it smelling nice. Try Lemon, Peppermint, Geranium, Orange or Lavender, or combinations of them that smell nice to you.

The colorants are optional, and are helpful if you plan to make more than one kind. You can match the colorants to align with the Essential Oil that you’ve used. Try Turmeric for Lemon, Matcha Powder for Peppermint, or a small or larger amount of Beet Root Powder for Geranium or Lavender, respectively.

Sugar Scrub is an amazing way to keep your skin feeling smooth. The rough grain of the sugar combined with the Coconut Oil will allow you to get deep in the hard to reach places on your face. And using it prior to shaving leaves you feeling smoother than with using just soap or shaving cream.

Sugar and Coconut Oil are widely available at your local grocery store. For a good variety of essential oils or natural colorants as listed above, check your local health food store.

From Our Family To Yours! Exactly Zero | Michael and Charlotte Fritzius

phone: 636.692.1426 / 573.263.5542 website: exactlyzero.com

Michael and Charlotte are the co-owners of home-based Exactly Zero, a clean, chemical-free products company. Their journey got started in 2012 when Michael was diagnosed with a fairly simple but still scary form of cancer, which launched them on the path of cleaner living. Their creations are the result of that change, and after using their handmade products for their own family for nearly 10 years, now they’re blessing with the world with what they’ve learned.

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