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Why do you need a buyer’s agent?

Many people who know how real estate transactions work in other parts of the world are not very familiar with the idea of hiring a buyer’s agent when they buy a house. After all, can they just call the listing agent directly, make an offer and negotiate by themselves? We can look up properties easily online and will be able to contact the listing agent. So, you may wonder why you would need a buyer’s...

January Market Report

January Market Report

January was rather a quiet slow month. However, we're seeing strong buyer interests in the last couple of weeks. Homes are receiving multiple offers, many of them adding $20,000-$45,000. If you're thinking about buying a house, please reach out to me. We need to prepare and strategize home buying plans so we can win in the spring/summer market that is most likely competitive...

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New Rental Listing in U-City!

Before ending this year, I have a great rental listing for you! Located in a convenient U-City, close to shops, including the brand new Costco, restaurants, universities and hospitals, this updated move-in ready second floor unit is perfect for your commute and entertainment. Appliances and lawn care, water and sewer included in the rent. Don't miss this...

November report

November Market Report

For the first time in a while, when analysing the November market report, the sold price fell under 100% of the listing price. The interest rate may look high compared to the record low rates we have seen in the previous years, but buyers now have options to shop for a home, have inspections done and negotiate with the seller. Many mortgage lenders are able to help you understand the overall picture of...


Where Do I Get A Loan To Purchase A Home?

Where Do I Get A Loan To Purchase A Home? Within this question are often many other concerns.  Is my credit score good enough?  How much do I pay?  Who should I go to for a loan?  If I have temporary residency, will I be able to buy a home in the US? Each of these are good, important questions to ask that require a trusted real estate agent and loan officer to answer.  So, what should you...


Thinking about Buying Your First Home in the U.S?

Thinking about buying your first home in the U.S.? Congratulations! That’s a very important step toward your financial success and an exciting and hopefully a fun journey for you. Once you start thinking about your dream home, you may realize you have many many questions and you don’t even know who you can talk to in order to get reliable information. Your question could be; Do I qualify for a loan? I...

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Closing Day!

Congratulations to this beautiful family for becoming a new homeowner and make their American dream come true 🔑 🥳 I love helping home buyers but this transaction was particularly delightful. The client was a joy to work with. So grateful they trusted me for such an important decision in their life. My trusted lender Ron Richardson (USA Mortgage) did a great job, showing excellent client care. Even...

october market report

October Market Report

Longer days on the market means Buyer doesn't have to rush on their decisions, to waive the inspections and to offer too much in many cases. I understand higher interest rates sound like not a good time to buy but great mortgage lenders can explain it is not the case and show you your options. I have many knowledgeable and caring loan officers that I can recommend. Fell free to reach out to me. On the...

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