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Pro Women Today

Pro Women Today Episode 2: Walking with Chiffon Thomas with St Louis Insurance Group – What exactly is Medicare?

I had a wonderful time recording this episode with Chiffon D Thomas (St Louis Insurance Group). Admittedly, I had very limited knowledge of Medicare, thinking it's not relevant to me yet, but the conversation was very informative and engaging. This episode will make a great tool when you talk with someone who qualifies for Medicare whether they're your family members, friends or clients. It will also...

Pro Women Today Episode 1: Buying Your First Home Do you want to know where to start your home buying journey? How do you choose the right agent for you, especially when you're originally from overseas? Do we even need an agent to buy a house? Evelyn Delancer, the founder of WPWC, and I discussed all these topics plus more in this episode of Pro Women Today presented by WPWC. I hope you get to know myself and my work...

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